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                      Potassium Nitrate

                          The NK fertilizer (potassium nitrate) can be fully soluble in the water. It does not deliquesce easily, and can be applied widely in agricultural production.
                      1. It offers water soluble nitrate nitrogen and potassium for plants. The proportion of N and K is 1:3, mutually promoting absorption by plants and other nutrients’ absorption. Existing in the form of ion in plants, potassium can regulate osmotic equilibrium of cells, raise stress resistance, and promote fruits developing, sugar and color.
                      2. Fully nutrient, no residues of harmful substances, improving soil; after a special treatment, its aqueous solution PH value is 6.73, deeply popular among specialized farmers. It can cause precipitation while mixing with phosphate and sulfate products.
                      Chemical characteristics

                      White granular
                      Molecular weight
                      Content of K2O
                      Content of total Nitrogen
                      Nitrate nitrogen( NO3—N)

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